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Festival de Gelo e Neve

Posted by gabrielabrito em 07/01/2010

Todos os anos desde 1985, a China organiza em janeiro na cidade Harbin, o Festival Internacional de Gelo e Neve , que tem um mês de duração e é o maior do país em esculturas de gelo, atraindo centenas de milhares de visitantes provenientes de todo o mundo.

Achei lindíssimo!!


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Posted by gabrielabrito em 17/05/2009

O ICEHOTEL é um hotel todo feito de gelo, reconstruido todos os anos por arquitetos do mundo todo… Algum dia da minha vida quero ir nesse lugar, deve ser lindíssimo!!
The story about ICEHOTEL
It started off with an Igloo and developed to ICEHOTEL with guests visiting from all over the world.
If it is possible to build a hotel of ice in a small village 200km inside the Arctic Circle, which strikes the whole world with amazement, then anything is possible. The story of ICEHOTEL is indeed a fairy tale come true.
One night a group of foreign guests, equipped with reindeer hides and sleeping bags, decided it would be a good idea to use the cylindrical shaped igloo as accommodation. The following morning the brave group raved about the unique sensation of sleeping in an igloo. Hence, the concept of ICEHOTEL was born.


A lot has happened since. Today ICEHOTEL is world famous for its unique concept, its fantastic works of art and its extraordinary experiences. The fairy tale nature of ICEHOTEL brings out the child in guests of all ages.


As soon as winter begins, a team of snow builders, architects, designers and artists from all over the world gather in the little town of Jukkasjärvi far north of the Arctic Circle. Under the direction of the ICEHOTEL Art & Design Group, they create each year’s version of ICEHOTEL

How to get here
Does 200 km above the Arctic Circle seem far, far away? Well, there are no restaurants with the prefix ‘Mc’ nearby but civilisation has reached even our parts of the world. Almost daily flights, daily train departures and if you’re travelling from London – you can take a direct flight. It only takes 3,5 hours.

Quer visitar o site e reservar um quarto? –>

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